The bath and kitchen industry is ever changing and evolving.  
We try to keep up on the most innovative and practical items
for you to use.  
Keep checking back to see some great finds.
One of the most needed items in a bathroom is the toilet seat.  Some of you
may have a toilet from a few years back that has a color that has been
discontinued.  Not to worry if you are just in the market to purchase a new seat.  
We have the ability to order seats in hundreds of colors that are made right
here in Wisconsin.  It is helpful to know the make of the toilet when ordering as
to narrow down the color possibilities.  Give us a call or come in and we can
Find the color chart here.
You can purchase the Custom Color Direct Kit for those hard to find
colors here.
And a toilet seat that won't slam down in the middle of the night to wake the
house or catch little fingers.  Best of all you can easily take the seat off to clean
around the hinges.  Stop in for a demonstration.
Some of the products
we carry here


Bertch Cabinets

Century Medicine

Danze Faucets


plus many, many more!
Do you have an extra deep plumbing wall behind your vanity?  
Why not use an extra deep medicine cabinet and maximize the use of
that space.  We have beautiful 6" deep mirrored cabinets with and without
electrical outlets inside.

We have most of these on display in our showroom!


Here is a wonderful way to save money and water while still getting a great showering
experience. The Oxygenics Evolution uses 20-70% less water compared to industry
leading brands. Each showerhead can save thousands of gallons of water per year
which means significant energy and money savings.
With the Oxygenics patented design the increased water velocity + air induction = MORE
Or if you prefer
a fixed shower
head the TriSpa
or Vortex might
be your choice.  
There are many
more to choose
from as well.  
Stop in and take
a look!
Go Green!
Save Money
Turn an existing Kohler toilet into a touchless flushing toilet for
under $65.00!
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